Energy Fellows

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Energy conservation and efficiency play a large role in a campus sustainability program, especially here at Florida State. Our conservation and efficiency system is complex, technical, and mostly hidden from view; yet, it provides the largest gains in savings for the University. Most of our campus community is unaware of how utilities are managed on campus and how to be an active participant and advocate for the conservation of our resources.

The Energy Fellows program aims to develop a team of students trained in conservation and efficiency practices to raise awareness and serve as advocates for FSU’s sustainability goals. Fellows will learn the ins-and-outs of energy management with an emphasis on conservation and efficiency and receive technical mentorship by Facilities staff and our partners.

Energy Fellows will meet throughout the fall semester (Mondays, 3:30 pm) for a discussion-based seminar.

Students of all majors and technical abilities are encouraged to apply to become anEnergy Fellow. Apply here:

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