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This week, we asked the Sustainable Campus team their favorite ways to reduce food waste!


I overestimate the amount of ingredients in most meals, so freezing leftovers like macaroni and cheese, eggplant parmesan, soups, and honestly anything I can’t finish, into a glass tupperware is how I stretch a meal and a buck.

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Author: Diana Conrad


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Please share a bit about yourself, what you do for work or study, and when you became interested in sustainability.

Hiya! My name is Nathan, a senior in Chemistry at FSU. I am 20 years old and transferred to FSU last fall. I use he/him pronouns and have been interested in sustainability since I was 9. I am currently working for the Census Bureau, and hope to help ensure an accurate count of all our citizens.

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We're celebrating fashion week this week with a sustainable twist! We asked the Sustainable Campus staff what they usually look for secondhand when they're shopping at thrift stores or secondhand sites like Poshmark, ThredUp, or Depop. Here's what the team had to say!





Author: Thrift Club & Sustainable Campus

This week, Sustainable Campus and Thrift Club of FSU partnered up to celebrate fashion week with a sustainable twist. To wrap up this week, some members of Sustainable Campus staff, as well as some of our friends in Thrift Club, sat down with sustainability leaders on campus to chat about sustainable fashion.

Professor Luke Hopkins from the fsu Marketing Department

Q: How has the presentation of Sustainable Fashion in social media differentiated from other movements in the apparel industry for marketing? 

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Tayah: Buses (Seminole Express/StarMetro)

My favorite way to get around Tallahassee is to use the bus! The Seminole Express/StarMetro bus system is very user friendly and easy to get around to all of your favorite spots in Tallahassee. By using the Rider app, you can see the bus times in real time and see all the stops on each route. I love that you can go so many different places including the mall, local parks, and tons of stores. 

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Please share a bit about yourself, what you do for work or study, and when you became interested in sustainability.

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Project: Where is the trash in Lake Elberta coming from?

Partner: Apalachee Audubon Society

Program: Fourth Year Undergraduate in Environmental Science and Policy

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Project: Where can FSU students, employees, and visitors find recycling on campus?

Partner: FSU Grounds

Program: Fourth Year Undergraduate in Geography

Jacob is a senior studying Geography and looking towards a future career in GIS. As a Spring 2020 Sustainability Fellow, Jacob looked forward to mapping recycling availability on campus, making the data more accessible, and improving the waste infrastructure system.

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Project: How can Leon County better educate community members about sustainability?

Partner: Leon County Office of Sustainability

Program: Fourth Year Undergraduate in Advertising and Studio Art