reCycle Bike

We are not renting out bikes during the Summer semester, but we look forward to renting them out to you in Fall 2017!

The FSU reCycle Bike program allows students of Florida State University to choose a more sustainable mode of transportation and strive to adapt healthier lifestyles by using refurbished bicycles.

We aim to reduce the amount of cars driven to and on campus, decrease the amount of abandoned bikes piled up in landfills and provide affordable transportation to students. 

FSU students are able to rent one of our 70 refurbished bicycles for a nominal fee for the semester or for the academic year. The rental fee includes a brand new helmet, lock, front and rear lights, as well as a free Bike Eat Shop Tallahassee (BEST) lifetime membership. A BEST subscription allows members to receive deals at local restaurants and shops as long as they have the member sticker on their helmet.

The complete rental package includes: 

  • A refurbished bicycle ($250 value)
  • Lock ($30 value)
  • Helmet ($30 value)
  • Front and Rear Lights ($20 value)
  • BEST membership ($5 value)
  • Basic repairs at University Cycles ($5-$20 value)
  • Safety classes, maintenance workshops and social rides 

Price range: 
Per Semester - $60 
Fall & Spring - $100

Attend the Fall or Spring Distribution events to rent a bicycle! Check us out on Facebook for exact dates and times.

With the combined efforts of Commuter Services of North Florida and Sustainable Campus, we are able to teach bike safety classes, host maintenence workshops, lead social rides as well as provide bikes to 70+ students. 

Want to get involved or rent a bike? E-mail us at