Green Office Certification

Green Office_Black.png

The Green Office Certification Program assists faculty and staff assess their current office practices and make simple steps toward becoming more sustainable. Interested offices set goals and implement green practices in areas including; energy conservation, waste reduction, recycling, transportation, IT, and purchasing. By completing sustainability objectives provided on the certification checklist, offices will contribute to the mission of FSU Sustainable Campus, promoting resource conservation while benefiting via cost savings.

To participate in the Green Office Certification Program interested offices appoint a Green Office Liaison who will communicate with Jamie Valentine, Certification Coordinator, to develop a timeline and action plan that aligns the certification checklist with office practices. 

Upon completion of the Green Office checklist, offices will be awarded one of three designations. Green Office Certification lasts two years, providing each office the opportunity to rededicate and increase their certification status.

Green: 20-29 points           |            Garnet: 30- 49 points            |        Gold: 50 – 65 points

Interested in becoming a Green Office? Contact Jamie Valentine, Sustainable Campus Program Coordinator, at or 850-645-7818.